Carex testacea

Distribución natural: Originaria de Nueva Zelanda. Carex testacea es una planta perenne. Sus hojas amontonadas en cascada con un tono verde-bronce se inclina con reflejos anaranjados muy bella.

Striking loose clumps of attractive orange-green foliage changing subtly throughout the seasons. The soft wig-like texture and unusual . Sea el primero en evaluar este producto. Examine esta categoría: PLANTES ORNAMENTALS .

Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Carex: Latin name for a species of sedge, now applied to the whole group. Item #34USDA Hardiness Zone: – 10 . Its size and upright habit make a great focal point in mixed containers. The densely tufted foliage is green below with bright . My nursery sample pot of this grass is so popular, I could have sold it 0times!

The finely texture glossy leaves begin life as olive green age to a distinct . In the fall, the foliage takes on a coppery-orange . Not the longest lived grass, but striking orange colour.

Online ordering and plant information from Emerald Coast Growers, serving the horticultural industry for over years. This hardy evergreen grass will impress you with its bright sunset orange tones throughout the year. Its clean mounding habit makes it suitable . CAREX testacea – intense orange-brown clumps, very attractive. Green to coppery brown foliage with hints of orange leaves in fall and winter make this sedge a superb selection. Looking for Orange Sedge, for your garden landscape?

The orange and green leaves are evergreen making it a striking addition to the border in winter. New Zealand sedge, orange New Zealand sedge, orange sedge, . Olive green to orange-yellow foliage turning bright orange in autumn. An excellent garden and landscaping shrub variety . This tough, versatile sedge forms a low mound of olive-green and reddish-yellow foliage that turns a rich burnt orange colour in the colder months.

Produces dark brown flower spikes in Summer.