Daily routines reading comprehension

A reading comprehension activity to practise daily routine vocabulary and present simple tense. The students read the text and write the verbs in the correct form, then they answear some questions about it.

Read about the life of marathon runner Paula Radliffe and answer questions about it. Longman Photo Dictionary ESOL Skills for Life Entry (Literacy). This is a reading comprehension worksheet for teaching or revising daily routines related vocabulary and the present simple tense.

Then write the to the questions in the grid.

Hi, I´m Gabriel and I´m twenty nine years old. Make some predictions and say what is the reading going to be about:. After that, we watch TV or I read a book. Read a simple text about daily routine and then complete a quiz.

Browse the site menu for more teaching resources and free activities for english students. This (fully editable) worksheet is designed to practise vocabulary and reading comprehension on daily activities. Reading exercises and passages for levels to on daily routine and telling the time.

Daily routine, time, adverbs of frequency. Used for assessment at the end of Metro Module 2.

Read the text and answer the questions. Make worksheets with images, text only or mixed text and images. Reading Worksheets, Writing Worksheets and Spelling Worksheets . ESODAILY ROUTINES :READING COMPREHESION AND MORE. Labels: daily routines, eso frequency adverbs, present simple, reading.

Primary (1) pronunciation (1) reading (2) reading comprehension (23) recipe . ESL lesson plan activities, reading exercises and text mazes. What do you do to help at home comprehension. Daily Routine Poster, Wor Poster with text on daily routine. This worksheet allows students to practice writing sentences in Spanish, as they answer questions about their daily routines. READING COMPREHENSION: Reading comprehension- easy interactive stories. Here you have four reading comprehension sample tests for intermediate level (B1).

Students describe their daily routine. The reading comprehension test are well designed.