Galinsoga parviflora

It has several common names including guasca (Colombia), mielcilla (Costa Rica), . El seu epítet específic, parviflora significa que té poques flors. Se trata de una planta de hasta cm, de origen americano.

Atles fotogràfic de la flora útil i medicinal de les comarques nord-orientals de Catalunya: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, Garrotxa, . It is in flower from May to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) . Nombre Vulgar: albahaca del campo, albahaca silvestre, saetilla, ALBAHACA SILVESTRE.

This species was introduced as a garden plant to Kew Gardens by 179 from where it had escaped by 18(and was known as `Kew Weed`). Smallflower galinsoga is an invasive plant. Galinsoga quinqueradiata Ruiz Pav.

More than years ago the owner of the site where the picture was taken imported seeds of different flowers from . California; it was introduced from elsewhere and naturalized in the wild. Potato wee gallant-soldiers, small flowered galinsoga. Wiborgia acmella Roth, Wiborgia parviflora (Cav.) Kunth Family: Asteraceae Bercht.

Quick Weed is a slender annual herb 20-cm tall, found mostly in NE India. Leaves ovate or narrowly ovate, 2-cm long, 1-cm wide, .

Source: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Jul 0 2006. It grows to cm high and has a spread of cm. Probably originally native to the southwestern United States south to South America, but now a nearly worldwide wee especially in gardens and cultivated . Name also: Potato Weed; Family: Daisy Family – Compositae, subfamily Asteroideae (formerly Aster Family – Asteraceae) . Flora of North America; Gleason.

Seed-producing summer annual wee to cm (- 3inch) high and forms a taproot. Compuestas (Asteráceas) Mielcilla GASPA. Planta herbácea, anual, erecta, glabra o con una muy leve . There are two main types of galinsoga in New Zealand.

Classification: Compositae, Dicotyledonous. In Africa it is only collected from the wild and trade is limited to local markets. It has been introduced elsewhere and it can be found in both temperate and tropical .