Hirschfeldia incana

Nombre común en catalán : Ravenissa groga. Dentro de Brassicaceae se diferencia por sus frutos, que son silicuas menores de cm, cuyas . Se confirmó la resistencia a (inhibidores de ALS) en biotipos del sudoeste de .

Each plant profile in the database contains nomenclature info, . Britain by 17and was recorded from the wild by 183 but 19th-century records are rare. It seems to be one of the few casuals that . Hirschfeldia incana (Nabo, Nabillo) se suma a las alertas rojas.

Mediterranean mustard is an erect, canescent, . It is in flower from Jun to September. Stems (2-)4-15(-20) dm, densely pubescent . Leaves are pinnately divide with large terminal lobe. Maire, Synonym, L, WCSP (in review).

Orense (MA 46526): a) hábito; b) porción del tallo; c) parte apical de una . To download an image please click on the thumbnail. Please click here for guidance on using the NNSS web . FAMILIA: CRUCÍFERAS VALENCIANO: RAVENISSA GROGA .

Nederlands: Grijze mosterd (Pluimraket). Show All Show Tabs shortpod mustard. Family: Brassicaceae (the mustard family). The closest approach of its native . Habitat‎: ‎Disturbed areas, fields, roadsid. Flora of Cal Poly PomonaBrassicaceae. Erysimum franciscanum – (San Francisco Wallflower). Lobularia maritima – (Sweet Alysum).

Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Tzvelev Search in IPNI Search in Australian Plant Name Index Search in NYBG Virtual Herbarium Search in . Notes: Senior Curator, Missouri Botanical Garden, P.