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What should I do if I submit an incorrect step entry? What happens at the end of the 1Day Journey . Here you can enter your steps for the day as recorded .

Did you try to sync your steps on your Step Entry page? If your device is connected to your account, head to your Step Entry page to sync. This prevents you from having any missed step entries and enables your step average to be calculated correctly. Enter your daily step totals; unlock and explore .

For full Terms and Conditions visit gettheworldmoving. Set a new personal best step total during the . Get the World Moving Limited 2016_B2B0332. From Get The World Moving Limited: PLATINUM WINNER, 20AVA.

Step entry – log your walk, bike and swim steps in seconds. Publisher: Get The World Moving Limited. Sync your activity – automatically syncs . Desarrollador: Get The World Moving Limited.

The entry fee for the GCC was nearly $1AUD per person, and for this it.

Participants enter their steps every day and progress can be tracked both. Global Corporate Challenge and get the world moving. We have managed to secure free entry for a hand-picked team to take . Step Entry Flaky There absolutely is an issue with the Step Entry option not appearing in the menu list. I resorted to uninstalling and reinstalling, which worked. To switch to Sync mode so you can sync your steps using. The target is for each participant to achieve at least 10steps per day,. Teams of seven employees enter their step-counts to virtually walk.

All entrance fees will go to the British Heart Foundation to continue their vitally. For more details, visit their website: Get The World Moving. For instance, you might see some steps when you are driving in bumpy traffic or during a longer commute. What application software can be used with the . Take your first step by removing the clear plastic. Provide employees with pedometers or subsidised entry to a pedometer challenge.

The goal is for every participant to work up to 10steps a day.