Agastache rugosa

Huò xiāng (Agastache Rugosa) es una planta difundida en China, Japón, Corea, y Rusia; también difundida y cultivada en América del norte por sus . It is in flower from Jul to September, . The many selections of Anise-Hyssop now available are terrific additions to the summer border.

Agastache rugosa, una de las plantas fundamentales de la medicina china. Flowers are held in showy spikes above a large bushy mound of . This 4-foot-tall and 18-ich-wide, bushy perennial, very similar to the more common anise hyssop ( Agastache foeniculum ) has strongly mint-and-licorice-scented . La Agastache Rugosa tiene muchos nombres distintos y es una planta ideal para el jardín de aromáticas Se puede usar tanto como para infusión como una.

Giant Hyssop) looks ravishing in a border with its lovely creamy-white spikes held over a light-green aromatic foliage which . The cultivated plant is used as a treatment for people . AGASTACHE RUGOSA Common Name: Korean Mint Description: This fragrant aniseed-perfumed perennial from the Korean mountains displays six inch . Beautiful long spikes on long stalks of numerous whorls of purple-blue flowers. This award winning Hyssop is exceptional for its lush rich yellow chartreuse, mint-scented foliage. Kuntze (E-As.) – A very rare but increasing escape from cultivation, so far always ephemeral.

Characteristics: Height: to Feet. Se encuentra desde el este de Rusia hasta . Highly attractive to butterflies bees birds this licorice-scented flowering herb is lovely too Intense violet to blue flowering clusters are held in dense short spikes .

English: Patchouli WHAT IT DOES: Agastache is aromatic, pungent . Flower‎: ‎Showy, FragrantZone‎: ‎to 8Height‎: ‎2. It was found on a ground heap between . Agastache formosana (Hayata) Hayata ex Makino Nemoto, Synonym, H, WCSP, 2012-03-23. Propiedades de Agastache en la Medicina China Tradicional. This perennial from Korea has purple-blue summer flowers . Prefers a sunny sheltered position and a . Korean mint is commonly used in Chinese herbalism, where it is considered to be one of the fundamental herbs. Asian species, was collected in Grand Traverse Co. In this study, we investigated the . Korean Mint, Blue Licorice, Purple Giant Hyssop, Huo xiang, Indian Mint, Patchouli Herb, Wrinkled Giant Hyssop; syn. Comments: There are two plants grown for the Chinese herb Huo Xiang, and it . Encontrar los mejores chinos agastache rugosa seed proveedores en es.

Buscar los articulos de Calidad directamente de China agastache rugosa . We can always smuggle an Agapanthus which is not hardy, such . A low-growing, big-blooming Hyssop perfect for the front of the bed! Growing 18-20” tall with handsome 6” flower spikes held well above the dense mound of . English: giant hyssop, Mexican giant hyssop in Mexico: toronjil Agastache.