Euphorbia serpens

Euphorbia serpens es una especie de euforbia conocida comúnmente como hierba meona o hierba de la golondrina. Es nativa de Sudamérica pero puede . It is native to South America but it can be found on most continents as .

EUPHORBIACEAE Hierba perenne o anual, rastrera, con látex lechosa; nativa de Sudamérica e . Chamaesyce serpens (Kunth) Small Fl. Nombre común: hierba meona, hierba de la .

This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Euphorbia (family Euphorbiaceae). Photo: Bart Wursten Chitengo Camp, Gorongosa National Park. General Description; Gleason Cronquist.

Plant: Annual; stem prostrate, rooting at nodes; glabrous; sap milky Leaves: . H-89Zalalövő, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky E. By William and Linda Steere and the C. Se trata de una hierba perenne (que podemos encontrar todo el año), con látex, . Location: Island Dam, Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve. Small, much-branched prostrate annual herb with hairless branches up to cm long.

Leaves opposite, broadly ovate to almost roun up to mm . In that picture you can barely make out the flowers nestled between opposite leaves on pink stems. The following files are in this category, out of total. Welcome to the India Biodiversity Portal – A repository of information designed to harness and disseminate collective intelligence on the biodiversity of the Indian . Specimen Records: 1 Public Records: 8. Hierba anual o bienal, latescente, rastrera, glabra. Native; Introduced; Ephemeral; Excluded; Extirpated; Doubtful; Absent.

Euphorbe rampante,Euphorbiaceae et Euphorbia chamaesyce subsp. Using this photo This photo and associated text may not be used except with express written permission from Neal Kramer. To obtain permission for personal, . Euphorbia name given to an African species by Juba (B.C.-or A.D.), King of Mauritania, in honour of his Greek physician, Euphorbus, who had .